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Personally I still don't understand what the big deal is with height. Any time I say that I tend to get flack because I'm. 6'5 which is way above the average in my country. In fact that's pretty tall by any standards.


But I don't really get it. Being tall isn't something I had to work on or something I earned its just something I happen to be. The same way someone shorter just happens to be short. Unless it's a sports specific thing should I it really matter?


The cynic in me says I feel this way because I'm tall so I can't see it from the other side. It's like a trust fund kid questioning why people would care about money. But I wasn't always a trust fun in height.




For most of my years at high school I was about average maybe bordering on the short side. But I never gave height much thought. If anything all the growth spurts I was having was starting to become a real pain since I'd be skating and it helps when you're able to  move your legs properly for that.


It wasn't until my best friend actually said to me "I used to be taller than you damn you!" I started to really think about it.


I've seen the studies. My two younger brothers are tall as well with the youngest pushing seven foot so our mother sent us a link to a study done in the University of PA which showed that taller people make more money on average. Considered down to a subconscious thing where people like taller people better.


I don't get it. I understand what a subconscious bias is but I don't really understand why we have it in height. Even from an evolutionary standpoint aren't we biologically trained to look for differences rather than one specific trait. In my sports background height actually gets me more grief than anything else.


In skating I was told I was only able to jump on things because I was so tall. So I switched to jumping scarier gaps because that couldn't be pinned on my height.


Now with climbing I really enjoyed getting on the high walls until even the centre manager said I was only progressing because of my height and 'bouldering would beat me' so that's exactly what I started doing. Bouldering certainly didn't beat me while my body type isn't suited to it I worked hard and made it work.


When someone attributed something to my height it would bug me. Oh I'm able to climb this because I'm tall? It might be that. Or it might be because of the months and months of training I've put in. In fact on just as many problems where being tall helps - it hinders. Sure I can reach higher but I've extra weight to lift and more core tension to hold into the wall with.


I just to rant and rave. How could people not understand.


I've since learned. If people need an excuse for why they can't do things height just seems to be one go to amongst many.

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